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Conversion to Dormitories

Conversion to Dormitories

How to Convert of Worker’s Dormitories within Industrial / Warehouse Developments?

Due to Covid-19, government’s Singapore decide to improve the living standard of the workers.  Industrial or Warehouse owners in Singapore may apply to convert part of your premises into an ancillary dormitory, subject to approval by the regulatory authorities.

Are you intend to convert your factory or warehouse premise for use as a workers’ dormitory or add a new extension building for workers’ dormitory? If yes, you need to acquire planning authorization from the Urban Redevelopment Authority. You will get 3-year temporary permission may be granted if you fulfil all the requirements.

Types of Worker Dormitories

TWO different types of workers’ dormitories can be considered in factory/warehouse buildings which are ancillary Workers’ Dormitory and the Secondary Workers’ Dormitory. They can be accommodated in a new separate building within an industrial/warehouse development, or they can occupy factory/warehouse space converted to dormitory use within the existing development.

  • Ancillary Workers’ Dormitory

House on-site workers (i.e. workers who are working at the factory).

  • Secondary Workers’ Dormitory

House on-site and off-site workers (off-site workers do not work at the factory.)

**Workers’ dormitory can be located within a single-user industrial/warehouse development. For a multiple-unit industrial/warehouse development, it should be located as a separate whole block within the site.

How Many Worker can l house?

The maximum allowable number of workers in a dormitory is subject to FSSB’s technical requirements and a living space standard of 4.5 sqm (min) per worker.


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Application for Workers Dormitory

Operators of dormitories that can house 1,000 or more foreign employees need to obtain a licence from MOM from 1 January 2016. Under this license, dormitory operators need to comply with standards on physical and structural safety, land use, hygiene and cleanliness.

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Government Singapore is planning to build up more dormitories over the next few years to house up to 100,000 foreigner workers. For long term plan, the purpose to build new dormitories with improved living standards for migrant workers.

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Temporary workers’ dormitories

Temporary workers’ dormitories occupying new extensions or blocks within the industrial developments or converted from existing spaces within the industrial developments may be allowed on land zoned B1 or B2.

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